Sharkx Mission

At SHARKX, our mission is to provide the children of our community with the highest quality of training adapted to all ages and levels of play in a fun and safe environment. Through sport, we instill important values that touch all aspects of life and empower children the tools and strategies that will help them in and outside of the gym. A SHARKX culture is one of inclusiveness and the right for everyone to have fun, regardless of technical ability, ethnicity or socio-economic class.

Sharkx Vision

In preparing and supporting the children of their community as they grow, the SHARKX leadership believe equally in supporting local businesses and organizations within their community. SHARKX understand that they don’t need to look very far to find opportunities to give back to their community, and SHARKX kids and mentors find ways to do just that. SHARKX promote ‘local’, understanding that if every person in Quebec designated $20 more of their weekly expenditures on buying ‘local’ that this would contribute to a 2% overall growth of the Quebec economy and create 100 000 more jobs. SHARKX understand that taking little steps can sometimes go a very long way.